With Kenichi-san and Yutaka~


This is the continuation of my post a while ago about my Japanese students. ^^ You can read it here. I will also be posting the last part of my Taiwan posts in a few days! Hehe. <3

OH! And did you guys notice I made the font on the post body bigger? I don't like reading small text so I adjusted it. :) What do you think?

All right. On with the story-telling!

So, the next day, we all just wanted to hang out at Lai's home and cook some Japanese food! In the morning, my friends went to the wet market to go shopping--I wasn't able to join them because I was at the elementary school... Boo.

Sadly, I didn't snap any photos while cooking because well, I was so excited about everything. TT_TT

We made Japanese curry, ramen and onigiri. Why on earth did nobody take a picture of the uber cute onigiri?!

Yutaka and Kenichi also brought natto with them... Natto is fermented beans... It smells OK although my students say it smells bad. The taste is just ugh though. ; 3 ; I ate about a quarter of a spoon only. lol

We made mango float and avocado milk dessert as well! We ate so much!!!

I wish I had photos... Sorry. TT_TT

After that, Kenichi and Yutaka were supposed to meet other teachers. So, we dismissed our pig-out and it was decided that I take the students to the meeting place with other teachers.

We got there and waited for a bit before the two other teachers (Mina and Usagi) arrived. I was going to say goodbye but somehow, I had to stay *cough* Yutaka *cough*.

I think I look terrible here but whatevs! Haha. Last snap with Kenichi-san! <3

Why is he annoyed? We decided to put mascara on him. HAHAHA. :D

So we walked around, basically, and just talked. This is Yutaka looking more like a girl than me. lol

We ended the night eating at a food court. I shared pasta and pizza with Yutaka.
Kenichi-san had Pepper Lunch again!!! Haha. :P

I don't know why I took this photo but he looks really adorable here!
Too bad he's only 16!
OMG lol I hope Kenichi-san doesn't read this! lol

Done dinner. Played with camera effects for a bit. ^^

And that's basically it! I wish I had photos of the food we cooked. TT_TT /regret

Before we end, here have another picture of Yutaka!!! HAHA (Gah, I'm suddenly feeling 

déjà vu...o_o THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE... NO?!)

This is my favorite!


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