For those who don't know--it's my rabbit. ^^

This is just a photo-post of Totoro. Haha. I had the opportunity to hang out with her today and shoot to my heart's content. :P Here are some of my favorite pictures!

Aww. Tell me she's not adorable? You'll be a liar!

Glamour bum!

How about a supermodel pose?

"I'm sultry." lol

I love love love this rabbit. <3
That's my mom in the background, by the way... Or at least her legs. lol

Yesterday was Toto-bu's 7th month birthday. I didn't do anything special but I think I ought to do it on her 1st birthday! It's perfect because she was born January 4th--so close to New Year's day. <3 

Anyway, I'm not really going to talk much today. For once. Haha! SEE YOU GUYS NEXT TIME!

I'll just leave this here:

"If I keep doing this, do you think I'll fly?"


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