I stupidly deleted an entire folder of pictures from many important trips and events... It's not in the trash bin either since I regularly empty that. I probably deleted it a couple of days back when my laptop was acting up. TT_TT I was crying over it last night. ><

I have tried a recovery software but it was only able to recover a tenth of everything... T_T I'm obviously devastated... those are important memories... *sigh*

On top of that, I have a collection of zits on my face at the moment. Ugh. I miss having clear skin without having to do anything. T_T

ALSO, we have this typhoon and both my umbrellas are broken. Ugh

I have a lot of misfortune recently. Huhu. T_T I hope everything turns around!

I totally need to smile more! I look soooo tired and dull recently.
*think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts*

Deleted photos means Jiufen post/s will be further delayed. orz I hope I can get even the resized pictures soon from that only other person who has them!

I'm blogging via the Blogger app. I think I can have more short blogs like this since it's really convenientbut I'm not entirely sure how to use it. Hehe.

See you guys! <3



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