Kawaii in Manila - A Cute Adventure!

Japan, for many people, is the land of all things cute and glittery--a place where you can be yourself completely. And this is true, to some extent. That's why places like Akiba (Akihabara), Shinjuku and Harajuku exist. In these areas, cosplayers, otakus, and the fashionable youth thrive! You'll find enough (if not TOO MUCH) shops to quench your thirst for unique and interesting fashion.

I have never been to Japan.

So how do I quench this thirst exactly? That could prove quite a challenge. Luckily, a new project called "KAWAII IN MANILA" is set to be launched soon!

The project is described as "the first ever lifestyle workshop that recreates the ultimate kawaii experience for every Japan lover."

Sounds quite the solution to me!

And to convince, they now boast this ultra-cute logo:
"Kawaii in Manila" logo designed by Chichi Romero of Little Miss Paintbrush

The project will officially launch this  September (and we just can't wait), so, as a preliminary, my friends and I decided to do a "kawaii" shoot!

Here are some of the pictures we got!

What "kawaii" world is complete without cupcakes?

Our cute stuff!
Take a close look, you might spot some of your favorite characters!

Found anything you wanna buy off of us yet? They are not for sale, sadly! :P

Let's check these accessories out. :)
I'll take the cookie jar necklace, please! Love!

The "kawaii" things in Manila are not just these items though. We also have *cough* the girls *cough*...

Anne "O'Totoro"
Ja "Chu Totoro"
Lai "Chibi Totoro"
Let's finish this post with a really happy note, shall we? "Kawaii in Manila" is holding a worldwide giveaway!

Above cute items up for grabs!

So what are you guys waiting for? Visit their Facebook page already. <33


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