Guess What?

So I've mentioned before that I've been doing practice teaching, right? Maybe not directly. Haha! So anyway, yes, I'm doing that. And I'm handling sixth graders... They are about as tall as I am!T_T I would have loved to be at least a few inches taller... But I'm not too keen on wearing heels. :P

I think I would have to do that for a couple of months... So that means I have to wake up 5am, go to the Elementary school, work afterwards until 8pm... Get home by 9pm... Eat, bathe, sleep... And repeat the process all over. lol

Well today is the fourth day of said endeavor and I had to be a substitute teacher for an absent teacher for the second time already. That means, I get to be grilled in class without proper preparation! No lesson plan, no idea what and how to teach... You probably haven't experienced this, but it's pure terror.

I'd be totally fine if I would handle English classes though, since I know that stuff... But today, I had to handle Filipino classes and I have to do that for 3 days! Today, I was like:

It was soooo hard to control 6th graders... more so because it really was a sudden task and I had no preparation whatsoever. TT_TT

I guess it was half bad, half good... OK. Maybe 66% bad and 33% good. lol

Let's see some of the good stuff?:)

Puddles. This is one of the buildings in the school I'm "teaching" at. ^^
Sorry it's a bit tilted.

I think these are 1st graders... They aren't allowed to walk in the wet concrete because they might slip, so, there's this "e-motorcycle" to help them cross to the other building.

Answering exams! She's from the first section aka the best section of the grade.

These are my students from section 15. YES. There are 15 sections in Grade 6!
And believe it or not, that day, they were the most well-behaved students I had. :)

Pretentious. :P I asked them to pretend that they were reciting in class for the picture. lol
This bunch was also great. ^^
The other sections I handled today were headaches. Ugh.

6th graders can really be evil. They can and will drive you mad.

After being so noisy in my class they had the nerve to ask for my Facebook. Hahaha. Kids. And really, I'm not about to let my Facebook be invaded by 6th graders... ; 3 ; I think I should get an alternate account. lol What do you guys think?

Am I stressed? Maybe a bit! I'm still getting used to this routine afterall... But hopefully, I'll get the hang of it. ^^

Anyway, I also want to coach their Photo Journalism club so I think I'll be teaching the members of that club too. Can't wait for that! It's something I'm looking forward to. <3

Well that's it. I guess I'll see you guys on another post. :)


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