Despicable Me 2

I did watch Despicable Me 2.

It wasn't with Pauline though. Something came up and she couldn't make it. So instead, I watched with my office friends. It was supposedly the second time I was to watch DM2 and it was only in 2D. :( Despicable Me was totally made for Imax 3D! So, if you haven't seen it yet, watch it in 3D ok!

Here are some pics from that day:
What's the yellow blank space for?
Anyway, you must have noticed the theme was jumper+yellow shirt. We are supposedly hinting Minions here.:P
(Pic from

Purikura! Most likely an old model (machine) from Japan. No eye enlarging feature. ><
And it supposedly makes you "10x cuter!" I don't know about that. lol

(Scans from

And how about some McDonald's Happy Meal Minion pics? Here are a couple of my faves!

How cute are they? McDonald's was running out of stocks as these babies were/are sold like hot pancakes!

To add to the mood, I want to introduce you to an Android App called Despicable Me 2 (naturally).
It features Live Wallpapers and sound files from the movie. I'm not too keen on the wallpaper but it might be good for you. :) But I do currently use Agnes' "Peep Peep Peep" line from the movie as my notification ringtone and "Minion Fireman" as my alarm ring tone.

The other ringtones are "Go to Sleep" and "Bello" both familiar lines/scenes from the movie.

Screenshots from the app below:

Despicable Me 2 was not a disappointment. I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching this!

So have you guys seen the movie yet? What's your next movie going to be? Mine will probably be Dreamworks' Turbo! I love Cars from Pixar so I wonder how this one is going to fare. Hehe. Will give you news! To da loo!


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