Clothes I Wanna Own (CIWO) - July 2013

Hi you guys! I've decided to post something that would be quite a regular on my blog! How awesome is that?! Haha! So, I've decided that every month, I'd be posting pictures of clothes/items that I would love to own. The name of the posts will be "Clothes I Wanna Own" abbreviated as CIWO (lol stupid). I got this brilliant idea from Dana Teoh of Dana TML. But in addition to just picking out cute clothes, I'll try to match them and make an actual outfit!

OK can't wait to start!!!

I will try my hardest to make these blog entries useful for you too by linking shops where you can find these goodies.

Here are my picks for this month!

1. Suspender Skirt in Pastel Colors

Who wouldn't want these?! I totally want them!!!

Cheapest at: ShopTTop at S$14.50
(Note: it's in Singaporean dollars and they currently do not ship abroad)
(Note: Also available in other colors)

2. Long-sleeves with Detachable Collar

Simple and cute!

Yoybuy at $17.85
It can also be found, more likely cheaper in Taobao, but I think it's sold out!
Also can be found at "Paopao's Shop" of course!

3. Jeffrey Campbell Firenze Wedge Sneakers
Waa! I'm in pastel heaven!

Cheapest at: Miss KL at $123.95
(Note: The color seems to be more vivid though)
Taobao at $276.10
Nastygal at $205

And I think that's it! We have a whole outfit sans the accessories. Maybe I should choose accessories on my next post too? At least a bag right?!

Aaaa. And I realized that in this post, I chose pastel colors. :P They will definitely look awesome together though! I wish I could wear THIS! What do you guys think? Would you wear this too?

See you next time!


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