Chiba Minute!

Hahaha. Unless you're from my country, you probably won't understand why the title is funny. :P


I have a hectic schedule lately.

In fact, today is the first time I'm able to hold my laptop again from my last post... o_o

Athough I've been busy with school and work, I still managed to have fun! Last week, my student Kenichi-san and his son, Yutaka visited the Philippines. And of course, I hung out with them!

Although it was super rainy and we only had 2 umbrellas for five persons, I'll say we managed to have a lot of fun. :)

Here is father and son, busting some moves while we wait for Melai to arrive!
Guess who the better dancer was?
Yutaka will probably ask me to remove this pic.

A meeting? Nah. We were discussing what to get at Jollibee. :P
Jollibee is the most popular fast food in the Ph!

After playing Laser Tag (And I'm unable to take any picture... Boo!), we headed for bowling at E-lanes!

It was my FIRST TIME to go bowling! Waa!
I was so scared to super mess up. lol

My first try, I got gutter. lol
But the second time, I hit something! I just had to take a picture of the score board!
In the end, I still got a terrible score. lol

Here's what Mr. Yutaka had to say:

"You got ZERO"
Heh. Meanie! :P
(original video from Lai)

After bowling, we headed to Akiba Cafe~

We voted for our favorite cake!

Sweet Potato cake~
2 points!
Yutaka and Melai's pick!

1 point!
Kenichi-san's pick!

Matcha Cheesecake~
2 points!
Lai's and my pick!

After drinks and cake, we decided to go to Market! Market! It was raining hard... So we took a taxi. Yutaka and Kenichi were so big so we barely fit inside the cab. lol

Then, in the middle of EDSA, the taxi stalled!

Yutaka is an unlucky person. So that was when I taught him, perhaps, the only Tagalog words he knows...

"Malas ako... Diba?" (I'm unlucky, right?) Oh yes, you are, Yutaka-kun. ^^

So, we went off the taxi and decided to just walk towards the Powerplant Mall. There, we had Pepper Lunch for dinner. Oh, the irony of having lunch for dinner. lol

Kenichi-san really loved his Pepper Lunch!

It was a very exhausting day!!! But I think everybody had fun. I know I did. I just hated the part when we got stuck in traffic and the taxi stalled... While it was raining hard... lol But after that, walking together and talking towards the mall, wasn't half bad!

I realized I have more pictures to show you so I'll leave it for another post.

Thanks for reading!

See you another time. <3


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