Taiwan 2013(Part 4) - Shilin Night Market

Hello everyone! Yay another post. :P How has everyone been doing? Me? Well, I've been better. But I guess it's not so bad!

Anyhow, I'm finally posting about Shilin. Sorry about the long wait (if anyone was waiting at all).

On with the pictures and story-telling then!

The super-crowded Shilin shopping paradise. <3

We rode the taxi to Shilin from Mango ChaCha. It's very near our hotel though, Google would say around a 10-minute walk. I was very excited about it because I seriously wanted to do a lot of shopping. BUT I thought, I wanna see around first and buy later... Well guess what, I didn't really have the time (and energy) to go around again a second time. So, be sure to buy the items you think you really, really want (Don't go Spice Girls on me now lol)! Shilin is quite big, and with the many people shopping it might be hard to find the stall you saw that item in again! Too many people! Seriously. ; 3 ;

Cute clothes! I wanted to buy all of them. Seriously. You don't get to see this style in the Philippines too often afterall. And this is my kind of clothing. Kinda childish no? I dunno, it's sweet and cute and I wanna wear them... It was so wrong to let thie chance to buy them pass! TT_TT

Besides being a shopping paradise, Shilin is also a food mecca rolled into one! Let's check some of those goodies now, shall we?

I thought these were ice drops. They were jelly. Frankly kinda disappointed! Haha. I got the yogurt flavor. It was yummy too, but I would have preferred ice drops. :P

I can't ever eat this. :( It looks too... too... tentacle-y... There's no word for it. Haha. XD

Even if I couldn't eat tentacles, I could eat mostly the other street food! This kind is ok with me. Yummy even! I can eat a lot of this but I tried not to because I still need to eat a lot all night even if I already ate before coming to Shilin. Yes. This is gluttony day.

After going around, feasting my eyes on the strangest food I've seen and all the cute clothes and bags and accessories, we found what seems to be a "festival games" area. 

We tried shrimping first. I won the first round catching 4 shrimps! The next rounds though, I kept losing. Boohoo. As far as I remember it's 100 NTD for 5 rods. The line of the rod breaks easily and this is actually the challenge. It's not as easy as it looks like!

You can have the shrimps you caught cooked for you after. :) I was like, "I'm sorry you guys will die..." and the lady attending to me gave out a little chuckle! Haha. What? I was sorry they would die. lolol

It's a blurred picture. :( Anyway, here are the turtles you can try to catch with a paper "scoop."
You don't get to keep them however. You get to exchange them for prizes instead. :)

You can also try kingyo sukui (金魚すくい〕as the Japanese would call it. It's the same with the turtle game, you can't keep them but you can exchange them for points. Bigger fish equals more points, of course!

There were also dream catchers in the area! And... would you believe it, penis ding-dong penis-shaped waffles! Haha! I didn't take any picture because I'm a shy girl. :P NO, I did not buy one either!

Here's a random photo of sausages~

After walking some more, we went down what seems to be an underground food-court... Not that they need a food court apart from Shilin market itself. lol

What do you know? More food!

Spicy beef noodles. I liked it. :)

Of course this place is also crowded... There is no safe place in Shilin. lol

This is something like gyudon. I actually liked it too even if in the picture, it looks really plain and simple.

I don't really remember it? I think spring rolls? Hehe. :P

There were all sorts of weird stuff there as well including this frog-egg drink... Ugh.
I noticed this sign in MANY stalls so I reckon it's quite a popular drink. I just could not stomach eating/drinking anything with a frog in it. Let alone squishy reptilian eggs... *puke*

Of course, after all this, I tried to go shopping finally. I found a couple of tops I liked, some hair accessories and a pair of shoes but that's it. :( I couldn't find the cute tops I took a snap of earlier that night. :(

I was so tired when we were done! But I was really happy too. Shilin was a lot of fun. :) If I ever go back to Taiwan, I will surely go back to Shilin for more shopping. Hehe. It's not really cheap, cheap. Not especially for me because I also shop at Divisoria (Philippine shopping heaven, truth) where everything is really cheap too, but it's fine by me because I can buy the stuff they sell in online shops there and then! Hehe.

Well, I guess that's it for now! I have more post/s about Taiwan coming up though. Haha! But, I promise I'll post about other things too. ;)

Until next post! See ya! <3

It's a bit difficult for me to type at the moment because I cut my finger last night. I'll show you the bloody photos I took last night, but I don't think everyone is keen to see it. :P

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  1. omg!! I wanna go too,hopefully I can soon..where are you from??

  2. Hi! I was wondering how you were able to access this comment page? Haha. Usually, people can only comment with the immotiv app! XD

    Taiwan is quite interesting!

    I'm from the Ph. :) Thanks for the visit! :)

  3. actually all can comment on your page ah...:P

    1. Not before! Haha. I was using the imotiv app. :( But now it's better. I lost all the comments from imotiv though. :( Thanks for the visit! <3

  4. I love those types of clothes too! But I'm always worried about shopping in Taiwan (unless it's a brand I know and like) because idk how the quality is, especially if it's cheap :(

    1. Well yeah I think the quality might not be the best. But still, CUTE CLOTHES! Haha. :D But I reckon you can still wear them more than twice! That's fine by me. XD

      I hope to read your blog posts about Taiwan soon! ^^


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