Random Ramblings

Totoro is becoming a menace.

Well yes, Netherland Dwarf rabbits are not exactly famed for being docile, in fact it's the opposite. Rabbits usually become hormonal at around 5 months and older. Totoro is 5 months old now... But it's just so... Ugh. She'd grunt and attack my hand whenever it's near. Well, not all the time but increasingly so. Today, I was trying to feed her and she even bit me. ><

I'm thinking of breeding her in hopes of getting a buck and some new colors too... I wonder if I should push through.

Anyhow, today is very special because it's also the semi-annual forget-your-phone-at-home day. lol Yeah. Forgot my phone! D: Luckily, I arrived early so there was no need to check the time over and over. I have no watch. :(

So anyway, having this hunch that I'm early, I decided to drop by KFC to get breakfast. The cashier told me they have no spoon and fork for take-out (a.k.a. to go). What? Ah yes. My city, Makati, has banned use of plastic. I was like, "How am I gonna eat it then?" o_o Remembering I have trainer chopsticks in the office, I still bought take-out anyway. :P When I got to the office though, I checked my order and found the sauce in a plastic container... Well, well.... :|

Of course it's a bad photo, I have no phone today, remember?


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