I love 3D Animated Movies

I'm sure I've said it a lot to my students--I love 3D animated films! Of course, I super love Studio Ghibli animations too! But this post is about 3D animations. :P

Anyway, today I met with my high school bestfriend, Pauline, to watch Monsters University. However, upon arriving at the cinemas, we were surprised to see a never-ending line to get tickets... The next show starts a little over an hour later, but the seats are almost fully booked!!! Among the 5 or 6 available seats, no two were next to each other... And it's not really nice to see a movie alone. Well, it is okay when you're at HOME but being in the movie theater is a DIFFERENT STORY. Aaa. Loner alert! Nope. :P

Pauline also had to go home a little early so we couldn't watch the show after that. >_< This happened, by the way, after we already went to another mall, a more expensive cinema, and were disappointed because the available seats are only those in the front-most area of the theater. Yes. The one extremely close to the screen! Even so, a lot of those seats were already booked! >_<

Having already bought Despicable Me 2 goodies (only the Art tumbler was available in the Monsters University category), we were disappointed to know we probably can't watch the movie at all!!!

It's fine with me since I caught the movie the day before with office friends though... But it's too bad for poor Pauline! :(

A picture taken the day before... Ram, Lai and me, waiting for Emily to arrive.

Here's an unnecessary picture of my movie ticket! lol

The Monsters U gang!
Please bring your attention to the multiple quantity of the pizza boxes. We ate a box each! lol

After the movie, Satoshi treated us to some rather expensive parfait!
They were nice but I probably could not finish one of these all by myself.

Everybody's taking photos! It's a necessity these days. :P

Anyway, Pauline and I, since we aren't able to purchase tickets, decided to just go around the mall and pig-out. :P

Pauline with our Despicable Me 2 goodies! 
I believe that's Dave on the left and Stuart on the right!
Jerry is the tall one! That's the tumbler we didn't get because, well, there were only the two of us. :P
The tumblers are 149 pesos each with drinks!

Pau is such a pretty face!

Playing with our minions. <3
Dave looks so innocent while Stuart is sporting this cheeky smile... I wonder what they are up to?

Are they praying for more popcorn?

After hanging around the food court for a while, unable to finish the popcorn, we decided to walk aimlessly. :P I was so friggin' tired, I swear we walked so much!

Look how worn out I looked!

So we came to a conclusion to meet again another time to watch another movie. So, we will be catching Despicable Me 2 on July 3, most likely in Imax 3D! Can't wait for that. Wee. <3

And oh! Pau and I also bought matching tops that we decided to both wear on our next movie. <3 I won't post pics of the top yet. You'll see it on my next post. :P

We somehow got back to the movie center and discovered that the never-ending line is still there. Not that we can watch even if there isn't any more line...

I hope Pau can watch Monsters U with some other friends though. It was such an awesome movie!

Here's snap with half of Sulley and Mike. Look how sad I am... Haha!

Well I'll see you guys on my next post!

Take care!


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Random Ramblings

Totoro is becoming a menace.

Well yes, Netherland Dwarf rabbits are not exactly famed for being docile, in fact it's the opposite. Rabbits usually become hormonal at around 5 months and older. Totoro is 5 months old now... But it's just so... Ugh. She'd grunt and attack my hand whenever it's near. Well, not all the time but increasingly so. Today, I was trying to feed her and she even bit me. ><

I'm thinking of breeding her in hopes of getting a buck and some new colors too... I wonder if I should push through.

Anyhow, today is very special because it's also the semi-annual forget-your-phone-at-home day. lol Yeah. Forgot my phone! D: Luckily, I arrived early so there was no need to check the time over and over. I have no watch. :(

So anyway, having this hunch that I'm early, I decided to drop by KFC to get breakfast. The cashier told me they have no spoon and fork for take-out (a.k.a. to go). What? Ah yes. My city, Makati, has banned use of plastic. I was like, "How am I gonna eat it then?" o_o Remembering I have trainer chopsticks in the office, I still bought take-out anyway. :P When I got to the office though, I checked my order and found the sauce in a plastic container... Well, well.... :|

Of course it's a bad photo, I have no phone today, remember?


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Active Blogging?

I know I've failed again and again to update this blog regularly. Perhaps it's because I don't really have any responsibility to anyone (well, my readers?) and I can do things at my own phase. I do not earn with my blog either so I don't have the pressure to write, so I write only when I feel like it.

However, recently, I've been thinking that maybe having more people to share my thoughts with would be a good idea. I'm thinking of joining one of those "blog challenges" I've seen floating around the blogosphere for some time.

Has anyone joined a blog challenge here before?

Usually, these challenges would require you to write, A LOT. Usually for 30 straight days. Gah. Can I do that? Hahaha.

I admit I'm not much of a writer, so joining that kind of event may help me improve my writing skills. Also, it will help me get more readers and blogger friends! What's there to lose (except face? lol)? I hope some of you would join with me.

Well, that's it for now! I'll leave you with a cute picture of Totoro-chan (whom I discovered is a girl, I think I mentioned it before though)~ <3


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Taiwan 2013(Part 4) - Shilin Night Market

Hello everyone! Yay another post. :P How has everyone been doing? Me? Well, I've been better. But I guess it's not so bad!

Anyhow, I'm finally posting about Shilin. Sorry about the long wait (if anyone was waiting at all).

On with the pictures and story-telling then!

The super-crowded Shilin shopping paradise. <3

We rode the taxi to Shilin from Mango ChaCha. It's very near our hotel though, Google would say around a 10-minute walk. I was very excited about it because I seriously wanted to do a lot of shopping. BUT I thought, I wanna see around first and buy later... Well guess what, I didn't really have the time (and energy) to go around again a second time. So, be sure to buy the items you think you really, really want (Don't go Spice Girls on me now lol)! Shilin is quite big, and with the many people shopping it might be hard to find the stall you saw that item in again! Too many people! Seriously. ; 3 ;

Cute clothes! I wanted to buy all of them. Seriously. You don't get to see this style in the Philippines too often afterall. And this is my kind of clothing. Kinda childish no? I dunno, it's sweet and cute and I wanna wear them... It was so wrong to let thie chance to buy them pass! TT_TT

Besides being a shopping paradise, Shilin is also a food mecca rolled into one! Let's check some of those goodies now, shall we?

I thought these were ice drops. They were jelly. Frankly kinda disappointed! Haha. I got the yogurt flavor. It was yummy too, but I would have preferred ice drops. :P

I can't ever eat this. :( It looks too... too... tentacle-y... There's no word for it. Haha. XD

Even if I couldn't eat tentacles, I could eat mostly the other street food! This kind is ok with me. Yummy even! I can eat a lot of this but I tried not to because I still need to eat a lot all night even if I already ate before coming to Shilin. Yes. This is gluttony day.

After going around, feasting my eyes on the strangest food I've seen and all the cute clothes and bags and accessories, we found what seems to be a "festival games" area. 

We tried shrimping first. I won the first round catching 4 shrimps! The next rounds though, I kept losing. Boohoo. As far as I remember it's 100 NTD for 5 rods. The line of the rod breaks easily and this is actually the challenge. It's not as easy as it looks like!

You can have the shrimps you caught cooked for you after. :) I was like, "I'm sorry you guys will die..." and the lady attending to me gave out a little chuckle! Haha. What? I was sorry they would die. lolol

It's a blurred picture. :( Anyway, here are the turtles you can try to catch with a paper "scoop."
You don't get to keep them however. You get to exchange them for prizes instead. :)

You can also try kingyo sukui (金魚すくい〕as the Japanese would call it. It's the same with the turtle game, you can't keep them but you can exchange them for points. Bigger fish equals more points, of course!

There were also dream catchers in the area! And... would you believe it, penis ding-dong penis-shaped waffles! Haha! I didn't take any picture because I'm a shy girl. :P NO, I did not buy one either!

Here's a random photo of sausages~

After walking some more, we went down what seems to be an underground food-court... Not that they need a food court apart from Shilin market itself. lol

What do you know? More food!

Spicy beef noodles. I liked it. :)

Of course this place is also crowded... There is no safe place in Shilin. lol

This is something like gyudon. I actually liked it too even if in the picture, it looks really plain and simple.

I don't really remember it? I think spring rolls? Hehe. :P

There were all sorts of weird stuff there as well including this frog-egg drink... Ugh.
I noticed this sign in MANY stalls so I reckon it's quite a popular drink. I just could not stomach eating/drinking anything with a frog in it. Let alone squishy reptilian eggs... *puke*

Of course, after all this, I tried to go shopping finally. I found a couple of tops I liked, some hair accessories and a pair of shoes but that's it. :( I couldn't find the cute tops I took a snap of earlier that night. :(

I was so tired when we were done! But I was really happy too. Shilin was a lot of fun. :) If I ever go back to Taiwan, I will surely go back to Shilin for more shopping. Hehe. It's not really cheap, cheap. Not especially for me because I also shop at Divisoria (Philippine shopping heaven, truth) where everything is really cheap too, but it's fine by me because I can buy the stuff they sell in online shops there and then! Hehe.

Well, I guess that's it for now! I have more post/s about Taiwan coming up though. Haha! But, I promise I'll post about other things too. ;)

Until next post! See ya! <3

It's a bit difficult for me to type at the moment because I cut my finger last night. I'll show you the bloody photos I took last night, but I don't think everyone is keen to see it. :P

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Magic For My Readers!

Happy June! It's already half past the year of 2013. Would you believe it? o3o Anyway, this is just a short video to remind you guys I still exist. Bwahaha. (*^^*)

Life's sweeter with a little magic (and a lot of sugar). :P

I NEED A LOT OF PRACTICE! But, I hope you enjoyed. <3

See you on my next post. (^______^)


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