Taiwan 2013 (Part 3) - Taipei Time (Take 2)!

Good day! Today, I'll be posting the next part of my trip to Taipei. It was a really short trip, but I'm really quite talkative so I need several posts to talk about my 3-day trip. Haha. :P
Today's post will be about the small details. We will flashback in time before we went to Taipei 101 (which I previously talked about here).

So after checking we have everything we need, we headed out to do some exploring! I took some random photos so you can have a feel of what Taipei is like. ^^

Street, buildings, people.

Much of the trip was all about food, frankly. So for the first destination of this trip, we went to a bread shop... No, it's not really a bakery. They make something more like meat buns. Check it out.

I can't read Chinese, but for those of you who do, this is the name of the hidden shop we went to.
It's really hidden. We had to go into a very narrow alley to get here. It is however, very near the train station and a temple. I believe that's the Longshan Temple station.

You can observe some women make the meat buns here. I wouldn't say it's very hygienic. I saw some pet dogs inside too. But I can say that they are quite famous! There was a queue when we got there and we had to wait about 30 minutes to get just a couple of buns!

In order to pass time, though not in our itinerary, we visited Longshan Temple. Like I said, it's very near the place. :P

There was quite a lot of people praying. I wonder if there was an event of some sort? 

After some minutes staying there, we went back the shop (I'm sorry I don't know the name). We had to wait like 5 more minutes or so before we actually got our order. >< Was it worth it? 

YES. The wait was all worth it! Who cares about possible diarrhea? Just kidding. :P They are popular for a reason after all. They make super yummy buns!

After eating the buns and scalding our tongues, we headed for Taipei 101. The buns were super hot because it was cooked in some sort of coal oven. I did take a photo of it but it was not a good picture so I can't really show you. ><

So then, after Taipei 101 and Din Tai Fung, we headed for, what else? More food. :P

Mango Chacha is a dessert shop that serves only stuff made with, of course, mangoes.

The shop wasn't so big but it was cozy inside. Plus they had free wifi so I could "check in" on FB. lol

Mango beer.

Mango shaved ice.

Gonna take a bite.

Verdict: Let's just say that I've had better! The middle part of the shaved ice was not mango-flavored anymore. I dunno, it must be vanilla or just ice. >< The presentation was really nice, however. The taste is not disappointing, it was yummy actually. But like I said, I've had better.

Me, looking extremely haggard at this point.

They had mango-themed everything! Here you can see jams and soaps!

Well, I guess that ends this post. I promise, next time will be about Shilin. For now, I got to watch my movies. :P Thank you again for reading! If you want to get notifications about my new posts, feel free to "follow" me! You can see the follow button on the right side of my blog.

See you! <3

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