Taiwan 2013 (Part 2) - Taipei Time!

Honestly, I feel like I have so much to blog about but I'm being such a lazy ass... >< Now, before things seriously pile up, I think I have to finish all my posts one at a time!

After talking about the hotel, this time I'll talk about the little stuff I did in Taipei--the food, Shilin Night Market and more!

So first off, the iconic Taipei 101--the second tallest building in the world.

We went before sunset, intending to stay until the city "lights up" but we were too impatient to wait and we had lots of things to do in a short time, so we were only able to stay until nearly sunset. XD

Cloudy and dull, I think this photo captures perfectly the weather that day.
Not that THAT would stop us from having a good time!

The website I checked says it's 450NTD... Seems like there was a price hike. :P
These are the tickets to the Taipei 101 Observatory.

Unable to bag the title "Tallest Building in the World," Taipei 101 makes up for it for having the fastest elevator!
The change in pressure is so fast that you would need to swallow during the meager 36 seconds it takes to get from the 5th floor to the 89th floor!

And now, some of the views from up there! It was near-dusk and I had to take photos behind glass so... This is the best I could come up with with my micro 4/3 camera. >< I need to buy better lens though. I really really intend to do it but saving up is soooo difficult. TT_TT

Buildings to the left, greens to the right. I wonder how this looks like at night.

One of my fave pictures. Everything looks puny from up there!

Sunset. Not the best photo but... :(

So many buildings!!! Taipei is a big city!

This makes me feel sad. ; 3 ;

For dinner, we opted for Din Tai Fung again. Some of you might remember that restaurant from my old blog post from FC2, in Hong Kong. Anyway, we love their dim sum so although we wanted to try a new restaurant, for the lack of time and previous positive experience, we tried Din Tai Fung again!

Din Tai Fung cute Shorompo (xiaolongbao) mascot!
They are particularly famous for their shorompo. ^^

Taking random pictures while waiting for a seat to open up.
The place is so popular so we had to wait before being seated.

A random photo of me--waiting! :P

Sticky weird rice.

Shorompo! We ate lots of shorompo but left a lot of space inside or stomachs because we will still visit a desert shop and Shilin Night Market later that night.

You can observe how the staff makes the shorompo. Here I am, trying to copy them. :P
Gawd, I look like a little kid. D:

So this is it for now! On my next post, I'll talk about the secret desert shop (not really a secret, I just want it to sound interesting) and Shilin Night Market!

I also have a lot of other stuff to blog about so see you guys next time! <3

As always, thanks for reading. xoxo

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