Jelly Bean Update for my Xperia - FINALLY!

With just a few months before Key Lime Pie (rumored name for what most likely would be Android 5.0) come knocking on our doors, Sony has finally released updates for Xperia P, Go and E. (source here)

I had to wait 24 hours before the update and I was so excited I actually wanted to flash it myself after a .tft file was updoaded by a member on XDA (XDA is an android developers forum) was delivered to my device and here was the process. :)

And we're done! <3

After my first start, the home screen was lagging bad... But that could be because the phone was still reading my data?

What's your experience with JB? Still checking it out, I will update with screenies later (this weekend) and give you feedback!~ :P


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