April Updates

This was the post I was writing the same day Coffee died... >< I couldn't post it because I was guilt-ridden and so sad.

Anyway, I just got a new phone recently and timely enough, the update will soon be released. Please Sony. Soon. It will be getting Android 4.1... Jellybean. This particular version has Project Butter which supposedly promises smooth UI. Android is known for the random lags. The lags are not so bad that I don't really care about it, but it would be nice to have Project Butter too.

This phone is living up to the reviews I've read online. The overall performance is good, but boy, does the battery discharge extremely quickly! In about 10 minutes after I turned it on, being 100% charged, I was down to 96%... Is that normal? o3o It lasts a day, even over a day with my usage... But there will be times when I'd be using it heavily... I hope I'll have no problems.

Anyway, I hope Jellybean fixes this known issue. It's supposed to be using less energy than Ice cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) after all.


On to another topic. I volunteered to update my friend's Samsung Galaxy SII to Jellybean. It was still running on Gingerbread and I thought it was a shame. I'm pretty capable of doing the services you hire technicians to do for you, as long as it involves no hardware. So, then, I was updating it on the office PC when BOOM! The PC restarted in the middle of update. I tried to run recovery but it won't go past 0% so I decided I will flash it myself through Odin. Odin is a program used to flash android phones. Even official service centers use it. So I downloaded some files and all but it won't go past cache.img... I got desperate and decided to re-partition  Doing that is a big risk, especially if it fails. I did it anyway because I'm crazy. And guess what. It failed.

Ha. It's more complicated than that. 

This was beyond my abilities to repair. Of course I have to pay for the friggin' phone now right? I was just about convinced I have to pay half a month's worth salary for a new motherboard. I called up Samsung Service and they told me it's TWICE the price I was expecting, labor not included! WTF. OK, I was expecting around Php 6000 ($150) with labor... At $300 I'd rather buy a new Samsung Galaxy SII. >_>

I brought it in anyway, there's a chance they could fix it with JTAG. This is just reflashing too, but requires hardware... Can't do that by myself. Luckily, it was flashed! I had to pay about Php500 ($12). Thank God. Thank God. Thank God. Thank God. REALLY!

Macy was phone-less for a little over a week though. I'm sorry Macy!!! >< She was pretty cool about it though, so I'm really thankful for that too.

Macy. I posted this without her permission, of course. lol
I love you very much, Macy! This is not such a bad photo, isn't it? :P

Being so happy, I decided to buy a new pair of shoes for myself. It is so friggin' cute!

And a dress! I wanted to post the picture of the dress but I don't know where my mom hid it at the moment. lol

It was also my mom's birthday at the time so I bought her a new shirt and we ate out. Happy birthday, Ma! I love you very much! <3


Ha. This turned out to be a long post because I haven't really whined in a long time. lol I would want to talk about other things some other time so see ya!

ALSO, I'm so sorry guys all I ever seem to do is whine. But still, thanks for reading my posts! Love! <3



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