3-Day Vacay

So short. >_> I want a longer vacation but people are busy. Boo-hoo.


Guess where I'm going? Taipei! 3 days enough? Of course not. But hopefully I get the most out of it. And oh, I need a VISA to go there. Waa. This will be my first attempt to get any VISA to anywhere. lol What to do if I get denied?! Hahaha. :'D

I've booked my flight tickets and I'll be staying at the Grand Hotel! Waa. Can't be happier. Do you know the Grand Hotel? It's so friggin' cool, I tell you. Hahaha.

Here's a peek!

Photo from Tripadvisor.
Looking so oriental, right?

I really can't wait to go there. It's going to be a short trip but it will still be a good change of air.

See you next time! <3


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