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I got my new bunny recently, as you all know, and since he is so young, I'm really worried about him and I'd like to keep an eye on him all the time. However, I'm not able to because I work from 9am to 8pm on most days of the week and go to university on other days. I have just one day off in a week. ; 3 ;

So one of my students gave me an idea of installing a pet cctv. He showed me one application but because I'm a cheapskate (and I know there is probably a free app similar to it out there). I did not use it.

I searched online for a free solution. This lead me Yawcam. Yawcam seemed really good. I can stream my video online in real time and everything. Other people who has my link can also view it too. It's so great! On top of that--FREE. I thought Yawcam definitely is the solution to my problem. However, I discovered that my home internet uses Dynamic IP. Having a Dynamic IP makes it all more complicated to have my webcam online. So, I tried changing it to Static IP but since my ass-of-a-brother won't let me on his desktop (where the direct line is connected), I kept getting errors. And believe me, I tried all the solution they offered online and on their website to no avail. I don't want to detail them here, but I did try everything! Didn't work. Boo. This would definitely work for you if you have Static IP though.

This is my Yawcam app opened. http and stream enabled. ^_^

Click Help > What's my URL? and you will see this page load. You can see your URL here. Just give this address to whoever you want to share your live feed with. :)

Here, I tested if it is working "locally" (same network) I clicked the last link "Stream" and a message that somebody connected to my webcam appeared. The same info should appear if you click the second link. :)

So, I then remembered I have a desktop remote control app on my Android Tablet called Splashtop. I thought it was a good idea to take it to work and just open the camera via remote control while I'm at work. I can see my pet through my tablet that way. Then, I tried switching it on away from home, and surprise! I need to pay extra if I want to connect to a device in a different network. ; 3 ; What a bummer! It's only about $2 for a month. It's not expensive, but there's a free solution to this, so why pay? Haha. Sorry I'm so cheap!!! :DD

[INSERT SPLASHTOP SCREENIE HERE]  <-- I will get to this later. I just have to publish it now because I will forget. lol

Then, I thought of a brilliant idea. I don't even need any other software except for Skype! It's pretty simple. I just have to videocall my home Skype with office Skype and I can see my pet! Pretty brilliant right? Now you ask how it's possible for me to answer my home Skype when I'm not home? No, I don't even need an accomplice. :P The answer is in Skype itself.


This is where you want to be. Tick the two unticked boxes above. :)

This will answer all calls automatically with video. If you want Skype to only answer calls from a particular account, you can also do that too with another program. :) I did not need it though since very few people know my private Skype account!

Here's a screenshot of my pet while at work:

That's my pet in action, going down the ramp. :P Of course you don't need to turn the video on, but I'd like to think Totoro can see me here. :D

The quality is really bad because I'm using a built-in camera. This will of course be better if you have an HD camera or something--I should probably get one. :P

ALSO, I just "call my pet" a few minutes at a time. I set up my laptop to turn off the screen once it's idle after 5 minutes. That means, it only lights up again when I call. I think this won't take much toll on my electricity. I HOPE. Haha.<3

So there it is, my Skype CCTV / Pet Monitor.

I hope you find it useful too! Please tell me about it if it worked for you. <3


  1. hi! where did you get him? he's so cute! I really want a gray bunny.


  2. Hi! I got her from a breeder. ^^ I love him a lot but I also want an orange Holland Lop. <3


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