February Update!

Hi there!!! Long time no see. Hehehe. So sorry. I've been so lazy. I should really update more often. ; 3 ;

Anyways, I'm getting ready to welcome a new bunny. It seems that Pepper would never let me lift her up... I mean, we're cool but I guess it's just his personality. However, I want a bunny that I can cuddle with... Cuddle bunny! Hehe. So I'm getting a Netherland Dwarf pretty soon. Netherland Dwarves are not commended for their good temperament. Haha. You might think it's not a good idea but I firmly believe that personalities vary from bunny to bunny and is not solely based on breed. Same goes to people, right?!

I already bought a huge cage! I mean, it's not really huge... but it's huge for standards here in the Philippines. The store clerks were all surprised to know I will only house one dwarf rabbit in it... But I still feel like it's so small! ><

It's at least 76cm~

The bun I will get was born January 4, 2013. Here's some cute pics of him from the breeder!
chinchilla netherland dwarf

chinchilla netherland dwarf
So friggin' cute right?! He/she (gender unknown lol) was about 25 days old here. CUTEEEEE!
Name sugguestions?!


On another note, I might be going to Taiwan this May? Maybe. I really want to so I can see the inspiration for Ghibli's "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi!" You know the inspiration for the bath house is actually in Taiwan! Hehehe. I'm not sure if there are lots of things to see in Taiwan... but I always welcome Chinese food in my stomach. Hahaha.

More updates when I get my bunny ok! See you guys! (*^^*)


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