Getting Ready for a New Bunny (Part 1)

I'm sooooo excited to adopt a new bunny! As I have mentioned in my previous post, I will be getting a new pet--a Netherland Dwarf. Yes, not a Holland Lop. Hehe. It's a long story! But to cut it short, it's because getting them here from abroad is waaay too troublesome and EXPENSIVE! You wouldn't believe how much they will end up costing after all the fees and paper! >_<

Anyway, I will be getting my new bunny sometime this month and I have been getting ready for his/her arrival. We don't know the gender yet. Although I wouldn't mind whether it's a girl or boy, I'm leaning towards "boy" because I heard they were nicer as PETS. :P

Today, though, I went to visit my future-bunny with my friend Jamila. She doesn't like having her photos taken. Hehe. But I did take some pics of the bun! Take a look at his/her incredible cuteness!

More updates about the bun and the stuff I bought next time! Yeah. I think I will make an "Adopting a Rabbit 101" post! Hehe. <3


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