Skype CCTV / Pet Monitor

I got my new bunny recently, as you all know, and since he is so young, I'm really worried about him and I'd like to keep an eye on him all the time. However, I'm not able to because I work from 9am to 8pm on most days of the week and go to university on other days. I have just one day off in a week. ; 3 ;

So one of my students gave me an idea of installing a pet cctv. He showed me one application but because I'm a cheapskate (and I know there is probably a free app similar to it out there). I did not use it.

I searched online for a free solution. This lead me Yawcam. Yawcam seemed really good. I can stream my video online in real time and everything. Other people who has my link can also view it too. It's so great! On top of that--FREE. I thought Yawcam definitely is the solution to my problem. However, I discovered that my home internet uses Dynamic IP. Having a Dynamic IP makes it all more complicated to have my webcam online. So, I tried changing it to Static IP but since my ass-of-a-brother won't let me on his desktop (where the direct line is connected), I kept getting errors. And believe me, I tried all the solution they offered online and on their website to no avail. I don't want to detail them here, but I did try everything! Didn't work. Boo. This would definitely work for you if you have Static IP though.

This is my Yawcam app opened. http and stream enabled. ^_^

Click Help > What's my URL? and you will see this page load. You can see your URL here. Just give this address to whoever you want to share your live feed with. :)

Here, I tested if it is working "locally" (same network) I clicked the last link "Stream" and a message that somebody connected to my webcam appeared. The same info should appear if you click the second link. :)

So, I then remembered I have a desktop remote control app on my Android Tablet called Splashtop. I thought it was a good idea to take it to work and just open the camera via remote control while I'm at work. I can see my pet through my tablet that way. Then, I tried switching it on away from home, and surprise! I need to pay extra if I want to connect to a device in a different network. ; 3 ; What a bummer! It's only about $2 for a month. It's not expensive, but there's a free solution to this, so why pay? Haha. Sorry I'm so cheap!!! :DD

[INSERT SPLASHTOP SCREENIE HERE]  <-- I will get to this later. I just have to publish it now because I will forget. lol

Then, I thought of a brilliant idea. I don't even need any other software except for Skype! It's pretty simple. I just have to videocall my home Skype with office Skype and I can see my pet! Pretty brilliant right? Now you ask how it's possible for me to answer my home Skype when I'm not home? No, I don't even need an accomplice. :P The answer is in Skype itself.


This is where you want to be. Tick the two unticked boxes above. :)

This will answer all calls automatically with video. If you want Skype to only answer calls from a particular account, you can also do that too with another program. :) I did not need it though since very few people know my private Skype account!

Here's a screenshot of my pet while at work:

That's my pet in action, going down the ramp. :P Of course you don't need to turn the video on, but I'd like to think Totoro can see me here. :D

The quality is really bad because I'm using a built-in camera. This will of course be better if you have an HD camera or something--I should probably get one. :P

ALSO, I just "call my pet" a few minutes at a time. I set up my laptop to turn off the screen once it's idle after 5 minutes. That means, it only lights up again when I call. I think this won't take much toll on my electricity. I HOPE. Haha.<3

So there it is, my Skype CCTV / Pet Monitor.

I hope you find it useful too! Please tell me about it if it worked for you. <3


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Bringing Home a New Baby Bunny

I think I wasn't talking much sense. lol
I will talk more about him on another post, but for now, here's his first ever video! <3


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Getting a Ready for a New Bunny (Part 2)

So like I hinted in my previous post, this will be dedicated to the stuff you need to have before bringing home a rabbit!

If you can adopt a rabbit from the shelter, this should be your first choice as there are many unwanted rabbits surrendered there waiting for a loving home. If not, then the pet shop is not your next choice! No, no, no! They usually sell their bunnies at about 3-6 weeks old, the stage when they are the CUTEST. But this is not the age that they should be separated from their mums, however. Opinions on this vary, but 6-8 weeks would be a good standard. 8 weeks or older is better. (*^^*)

So, what do you have to prepare before getting a rabbit? On to the list then! Here it is: New rabbit shopping list.

1. Cage.
Get the biggest one you can possibly put your hands on. Contrary to popular belief, rabbits need a lot of space. A cage where they can just "lie down" is not enough. Preferably  they should be able to hop three times across the cage without bumping their nose. Be sure to get a cage that can have a food/water bowl, litter, some toys and still have some space for your bunny to move around in.

I tried to get the best cage I could. But here is the only one I was able to buy off a pet store:

It's about 80cm long, I think. I will be housing just one dwarf rabbit here so I feel like this is adequate space. However, I want to make it a point that they still NEED OUT TIME! 3-4 hours a day. They need to stretch and hop and be a bunny!

Or you could just make your own!

For my first rabbit, I made a do-it-yourself cage out of store/kitchen organizers. Each piece I bought for about 50-80 pesos... That's a total of 6 pieces to make an enclosure. I used cable ties to secure the pieces together. It's a lot bigger than my store-bought cage though... and for a lot cheaper!

2. Water bottle/food dish

Now I think it's quite obvious why we need this, don't we? Hehe. You can choose to have another food dish to put the water in. It's easier to drink water for the buns that way. But I prefer to use a water bottle as it prevents the water from being contaminated.

3. Rabbit pellets

There are so many commercially available pellets on the market that it must be hard to choose! Currently, I'm using Versele-Laga Cuni Gran. Find details about the product here. It's essentially for "does and meat rabbits" as the site suggests... It has some corn grains. I don't like it about that. Corn grains are good only if the rabbits that maybe has a run, but definitely not for caged rabbits. Corn produces FAT and that is generally not good for out little furry friends. ><

4. Hay

Hay is VERY IMPORTANT for a rabbits diet. It should be the main food of your rabbit! While pellets are given at controlled amounts, hay should be free-fed. Unlike cats, rabbits can not "cough out" their fur. Hay has a lot of fiber which help them have better digestion and helps prevent digestive block.

For rabbits under 6 months old, offer Alfafa Hay. For 6 months old and over, offer Timothy Hay.


5. Litter box

Rabbits are not hard to litter train. That's one of the best things about them. While it might be a little difficult to train younger rabbits, it usually won't give you any stress to train older ones. Since bucks tend to "spray" when they are a little older, it's a good idea to find a litter box with a high "back."

6. Litter/wood chips

This is what you put inside your litter box. You could opt to use shredded paper or hay. BUT NEVER USE CAT LITTER. Rabbits tend to spend a lot of time in the litter box and eat some of the litter... Keep this in mind.

7. Toys

Rabbits love to play! But if you can't afford toys, you can always improvise. Rabbits love to chew. So how about a cardboard mansion? And they need a lot of social interaction. So please send as much time as possible with your pet! <3

Here's a quick list before we end!

1. Cage
2. Water bottle and food dish
3. Rabbit pellets
4. Hay


5. Litter box/pan
6. Litter
7. Toys

I hope this was informative and became of use to you! Have a great day. <3

This is my first rabbit ever, Pepper. He is STILL with me, of course! <3


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Getting Ready for a New Bunny (Part 1)

I'm sooooo excited to adopt a new bunny! As I have mentioned in my previous post, I will be getting a new pet--a Netherland Dwarf. Yes, not a Holland Lop. Hehe. It's a long story! But to cut it short, it's because getting them here from abroad is waaay too troublesome and EXPENSIVE! You wouldn't believe how much they will end up costing after all the fees and paper! >_<

Anyway, I will be getting my new bunny sometime this month and I have been getting ready for his/her arrival. We don't know the gender yet. Although I wouldn't mind whether it's a girl or boy, I'm leaning towards "boy" because I heard they were nicer as PETS. :P

Today, though, I went to visit my future-bunny with my friend Jamila. She doesn't like having her photos taken. Hehe. But I did take some pics of the bun! Take a look at his/her incredible cuteness!

More updates about the bun and the stuff I bought next time! Yeah. I think I will make an "Adopting a Rabbit 101" post! Hehe. <3


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February Update!

Hi there!!! Long time no see. Hehehe. So sorry. I've been so lazy. I should really update more often. ; 3 ;

Anyways, I'm getting ready to welcome a new bunny. It seems that Pepper would never let me lift her up... I mean, we're cool but I guess it's just his personality. However, I want a bunny that I can cuddle with... Cuddle bunny! Hehe. So I'm getting a Netherland Dwarf pretty soon. Netherland Dwarves are not commended for their good temperament. Haha. You might think it's not a good idea but I firmly believe that personalities vary from bunny to bunny and is not solely based on breed. Same goes to people, right?!

I already bought a huge cage! I mean, it's not really huge... but it's huge for standards here in the Philippines. The store clerks were all surprised to know I will only house one dwarf rabbit in it... But I still feel like it's so small! ><

It's at least 76cm~

The bun I will get was born January 4, 2013. Here's some cute pics of him from the breeder!
chinchilla netherland dwarf

chinchilla netherland dwarf
So friggin' cute right?! He/she (gender unknown lol) was about 25 days old here. CUTEEEEE!
Name sugguestions?!


On another note, I might be going to Taiwan this May? Maybe. I really want to so I can see the inspiration for Ghibli's "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi!" You know the inspiration for the bath house is actually in Taiwan! Hehehe. I'm not sure if there are lots of things to see in Taiwan... but I always welcome Chinese food in my stomach. Hahaha.

More updates when I get my bunny ok! See you guys! (*^^*)


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