Let me start off with an apology for the lack of posts. Blogging. We do have a love-hate relationship. The past weeks I have been so unmotivated about everything... I wish things will take a turn. ; 3 ;

Now, on to updates! I am still looking to import a Holland Lop over to the Philippines and I really wish to have a Show here this year. You must all be confused by now. Haha. :D I'm weird.

Anyway, as a short background, I recently adopted a Lionhead and since he was five months old when I got him, and he apparently isn't used to human touch, I wanted to get another rabbit to "teach" him how to behave. So I decided I wanted a Holland Lop and was quick to discover that there are no (or VERY, VERY LITTLE) good quality rabbits here... Most "Holland Lops" are a cross of the "lop" breeds so I heard. I was disappointed, of course. So, I wanted to import rabbits from out of the country.

I seriously spent a lot of time over the internet looking for a way to get the rabbits here. I'm still continuing my research and hopefully, will be shipping some rabbits by the end of April or May. I met some cool people that are currently in this hobby and they agree we need to improve the situation here. But I'm not sure a lot of you are interested in all these, so how about cute rabbit pictures then? Haha! Here you go!

"Local" rabbit. He was bought from a pet shop and is probably 4 weeks old. NOTE: rabbits shouldn't be sold until 8 weeks. >< He is still super cute though! I think he is a he? XD

This is supposedly a "Lionhead" but it's far from show quality... Which you do not care about at all as long as it is cute, right? Haha!

Imported Netherland Dwarf! I can not vouch for this but this is at least brood quality. Brood, as in, it is worthy to be bred. :P I'm thinking of buying some kits from this person but I really want a Holland lop. If I will start a rabbitry, it should be lops.

Rabbits are crazy cute! You should totally get into the hobby too. :P

P.S. All photos taken from Philippine Rabbit Hobbyist Association.
See you guys next time! :)


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