I want a baby Holland Lop!!!

So recently, I got myself a Lionhead bunny. He has blue eyes, black ears and a white body with some specks of black. He is so beautiful! I call him Pepper. While he is all fuzzy and cute, he can be quite a meanie. I don't know whether it is his personality or the breeder I got him from was just a really bad one. I don't think he is used to handling. At. All. When I got him, his nails were so long! It still is, by the way, as I'm unsuccessful trying to pick him up for clippings. He has given me lots of scratches and some bruises from his bite.  To those smart-asses who will try to give me an advise about trying to win its trust over first, you better f off! I DO MY READING unlike other irresponsible pet owners out there.

I have been trying my best for him! I would give him treats every day and he would even eat off my hand. I have even managed to semi-litter-train him. By that, I mean, he would do most of his peeing and pooping in his tray, with some pellets out of the box, but never on my bedroom floor. Yes. Pepper stays in my room even. >_<

Now, so if I am really trying my best for him and all that, you ask, why do I want a Holland Lop then? Will I be ignoring him after I get my self a new bunny? Well the answer is, of course not!

My boyfriend told me that bunnies can learn from other bunnies. So, if I get a lop (which will hopefully be easier to handle since I want to get one that is less than 2 months old... Pepper is 5 months old when I got him), Pepper will realize it gets so much more treats than he will because it is behaving better. Get it? So I think this is not a bad idea.

I feel really sad about Pep because the reward of being a pet owner is actually their pets showing affection or fondness towards them. Pepper barely shows that. I wanna cuddle with him sometimes but I can't because he doesn't even sit on my lap. TT_TT

To tell you guys the truth, my boyfriend recently got a lop too. And the cute little thing has already been giving him "bunny love licks" a few days after he adopted her. I was so envious............

Bah. Anyway, here are some pics of Pepper for now! Hopefully next time, I'll have a happy post about a new lop and a Pepper with a better attitude. ><


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