Banapple @ Market! Market!

So the new semester has started and I will, once again be extra busy. It's one of my excuses why I post so rarely recently. Haha. ALSO, life has been unkind to me recently, but I can't share much info. ; 3 ; But believe me, I'm trying my best to keep up... not really. :P

Anyway, last Saturday, I went to Banapple with some University classmates. The food was really good and worth the money! I love the cakes as well. But I suggest you share one slice with another person. Hehe. I love cakes. I'm IN LOVE with cheesecakes but I just can't finish one slice... Maybe it's because I was so full with the big serving I got for the main meal? Maybe. :P

I love the background. No, not the blender but the cute cheery trees right there. :P

More cam-whoring with the gang. Can you still see me? :D

The shop is currently very popular. We had to wait (for a short time) to be seated. No doubt because they serve very good food!

Here's the menu for those of you who would like a pic. Drag in a different window to view full-size. ;)
Sorry about the crop! At least you get the idea, right?!

Some of the cakes. They would be about 95-110 PHP per slice. <3

And before the food, here is some appetizer: Another picture of the gang! XD

Kuya Bernard's choice: Baked Fish ???? with Scalloped Potatoes
I had a taste as well. It has a mild, creamy taste and the fish is just bless! <3

3 of us chose this. Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs.
The serving was hefty! This is enough for two people, I think. Order an extra rice for Php40. To me, there's a little too much sauce. ; 3 ; But I still loved it! <3

Fetuccine Jacinta. 3 of us chose this. I had a taste, of course! Very creamy. I loved this one too. <3

Banapple is originally famous for their cakes. So, of course, we HAVE TO try them as well.! Are you ready for the goodness? I absolutely loved all of them. But I'll let you in on my favorites as well. But please forgive me because I did not make any effort to memorize their "names." Hahaha. Sorry!!!

This has white chocolates and berry. It's pink, very cute and yummy. It has a mild, berry-taste. If you are not keen about too-sweet-cakes, this is perfect. And oh, this is a cheesecake.

This is not a cheesecake. The flavor is mocha/coffee. I really liked the icing/cream of this as I am in love with coffee. Haha.<3

This is called Santa's Chipper something.xD It's a cheesecake topped with vanilla icing and chocolate chips! I loved this one. <3

All chocolatey with bananas! Definitely for the sweet-tooth! And probably my fave of the lot!

All in all, it's a fulFILLING experience. Literally. Take a look at the plates after we go for it!

We obviously enjoyed the food... I'm coming back for more next time. I want to try some of their pastas. But remember that they are famous for their cakes so you have to try them too. :P I was soooooooooo full after this dinner. ; 3 ;

Anyway, see you again next time! xoxo


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