Cartimar - Pet time!

Cartimar is famous and notorious for pet lovers in Manila. Here, you can find lots of different pet shops in one place! Surely, shopping for you little furball couldn't be easier. But, sadly, Cartimar is also home to poorly taken-cared of animals for sale.

This is the same place where I got my hamster, Coffee. I know many people will say it was a bad idea for me to buy Coffee off a petshop... People will say that buy supporting this kind of business, I would encourage breeding this animals and yada yada yada... But truth be told, there is nowhere in the Philippines I can "adopt" such pets.  >_> Anyway, this is not the point of this post! I really just want to show you a glimpse of Cartimar. Haha.

I think I will be going here tomorrow as well because I'm thinking of getting a bunny, so there might be a follow-up post after this. (*^^*)

For now, some furry pictures!

I have no idea what breed cat this is but she is adorable!!! <3

Blurry!!! This one was a really fat cat.

I'm sorry! It's blurred!!! This puppy was really posing. Haha.

Lots of carp! My nephew asked me to take a photo of it.

This is my nephew posing with poorly-housed mice and hamsters. :P

There is also a section in Cartimar entirely dedicated for sea and fresh-water animals. ; 3 ;

Tomorrow, I will go back here so I think I will have more pictures to share! See you!


  1. maganda tlga sa cartimar kaso hindi mo sure kung healthy ba talaga ung mga binebenta nilang mga pets.
    kya kung ako sa inyo wag kaung bibili jan kc hindi naman tlga nila iniisip ung kapakanan ng mga animals jan.
    ang iniisip lng nila kung kikitain nila.

    1. I agree na hindi magandang bumili ng pets sa Cartimar or Tiendesitas. But it's a good place for pet supplies. The best we have in the country.

  2. I just recently bought a mini pinscher there and now I dont know if she will live or die. She's been diagnosed with distemper. It breaks my heart is almost two weeks n na nasa akin sya.It's my fault for not researching more pero I don't regret choosing her. Sad lang na pinepeke nila minsan ung deworming etc. Tapos kala mo healthy..bigla nalang magkakasakit. :(

  3. where can i buy the cheapest white mice for live feeding to pythons?


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