Cartimar - Pet time!

Cartimar is famous and notorious for pet lovers in Manila. Here, you can find lots of different pet shops in one place! Surely, shopping for you little furball couldn't be easier. But, sadly, Cartimar is also home to poorly taken-cared of animals for sale.

This is the same place where I got my hamster, Coffee. I know many people will say it was a bad idea for me to buy Coffee off a petshop... People will say that buy supporting this kind of business, I would encourage breeding this animals and yada yada yada... But truth be told, there is nowhere in the Philippines I can "adopt" such pets.  >_> Anyway, this is not the point of this post! I really just want to show you a glimpse of Cartimar. Haha.

I think I will be going here tomorrow as well because I'm thinking of getting a bunny, so there might be a follow-up post after this. (*^^*)

For now, some furry pictures!

I have no idea what breed cat this is but she is adorable!!! <3

Blurry!!! This one was a really fat cat.

I'm sorry! It's blurred!!! This puppy was really posing. Haha.

Lots of carp! My nephew asked me to take a photo of it.

This is my nephew posing with poorly-housed mice and hamsters. :P

There is also a section in Cartimar entirely dedicated for sea and fresh-water animals. ; 3 ;

Tomorrow, I will go back here so I think I will have more pictures to share! See you!


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Some Updates

Two weeks of no updates! Did you miss me?! Haha. I've been extremely busy (I'd like to think that) and I've been in an emotional roller-coaster recently. With the new semester starting this week, work, and my out-of-hand life, I surely have a lot in my hands. But, no, it's not true that I've been like super-duper-no-time-to-even-write-a-blog-post-busy recently. It's just that, I've been extra lazy. And for my honesty, you should forgive me. ; 3 ;

To make up for everything, here are some pics!!! <3

I've recently rekindled my love for paper folding. Haha. Here are some butterfly models I folded. :P Do you guys still do origami? A lot of my students say this is for kids!!! But I beg to differ!

butterfly origami
Super cute!

The first week of November was also enrollment week for me. On enrollment day (aka paying the school to imprison me on Saturdays), my friend Melai and I had lunch at the newly opened restaurant/fastfood at Market! Market! It's called Moshi Koshi.
enrollment scene
Everyone is busy (or confused).
moshi koshi
Moshi Koshi at Market! Market!

moshi koshi ramen
I got myself a bowl of Shoyu Ramen. The sheet of paper under my bowl recommends I eat all within 5 minutes!!! Of course, I can't!!!! XD 
All smiles (and shine)!
The mall has already decorated for Christmas!
Last week, I finally got around to watching the new 3D-animated movie, "Wreck-it Ralph." I really really liked this movie! Vanellope is so darling! Haha. Although it won't go down on my list of favorites, it's definitely worth watching! Now, I'm also curious about the upcoming Christmas, 3D-animated movie called "Jack Frost." This movie is from the makers of one of my favorite animations so far, "How to Train Your Dragon" so I'm really looking forward to seeing how this one fares!

I went to see Wreck-it Ralph with Kath. It has an interesting plot---a game villain wanting to be a hero. The game villains having an anonymous "Bad Guy" forum is wittingly comical.

Fondue before the movies!
I got my self a fruit mix. Kath got pancakes.
Everything tastes better with chocolate. Hmm. I AGREE! 

Kath and her funny face! Haha. We were at ACE Hardware, checking out our weight. XD
Here! MY funny face! Now it's fair!!!! XD

It's always fun hanging out with Kath. <3 She takes my worries away. ; 3 ;

And so, this is it!!! More pics next time! Thanks! <3


Thanks a lot for reading my blog. Please tell me what you think about this post~ I always enjoy reading your comments!

However, unrelated comments will be deleted. Please understand! (^^)