Random Thoughts + Happy birthday MELA!

Sorry about the week-long absence, yet again! I know, I know... I should try to keep you guys entertained. Hahaha.

Anyway, there isn't a lot of things going on recently so there's nothing to blog about. So in this post, perhaps I will just share my thoughts recently.

So I'm kind of interested in going to Australia. I know, I know. It will be difficult for someone like me--a single, average-earning, 23-year-old girl.; 3 ; No, I have no properties... Not alone a proper bank account. Hahahaha. Anyway, tomorrow, perhaps I will open an account. It will be so busy tomorrow! I have lots of things to do. I have at least three things to accomplish *OUTSIDE* of the comfort of my house. OTL and I need to go to the University to get my grades too *sigh.*

Back to the Australia thing though... Yeah. Do I even stand a chance to get a VISA?! Darnit. I wanna see the world... But my passport (and my budget) is limiting me. TT_TT I wonder if I can make it? I need some advice and some tips so someone please message me! Hahaha. :D

Also, today is my good friend's birthday! We couldn't have a celebration/gathering because she has some stuff to accomplish and I have work... But I did buy her a cake. Yey. Truth be told, I wanted that cake so you can say I kinda bought it for my self too. Hahaha. :'D

Here she is squatting on the floor with the roll cake. Hahaha. Didn't even take any better picture that day, huh? XDD


I meant to post this on the night of her birthday (10/30) but it completely slipped my mind! Woot. Haha. Anyway, it's the thought that counts, right?!


Now, I was saying earlier in this post that I'm "interested" in going to Australia. But today (10/31), I read some stuff on a forum that made me think twice about my travelling. Sure, I super love travelling and I definitely want to see the world! But, as you all guys know, I spend *all* as in literally *all* of my savings when I travel. After getting home from vacation I have na-da~ OK. So just a little money to help me survive until next pay day. TT_TT But you get it.

I turned 23 this month... And I have NO savings. I don't know if it's lucky I found that thread in the forum today... Cause now, suddenly, I want to start saving for my future. So how about my travels now, huh?! I would save a little over 50% of my money every time I'm saving for my travels... But now, I'm thinking, I should divide that and keep maybe 20% for personal savings and 30% for travel. Yeah right? Travel still gets the bulk. lol

But what do you guys think about it? It means I will have to save for a longer time for my adventures and try to spend less as well. Oi... No more spa? How sad. And I *want to* make myself promise not to touch my personal savings unless it's for investment. Wow! Look at me... Spurting out words like investment. Haha. Goodness. I sound like an adult. lol

Well, what are you thoughts though? How old exactly are my readers, anyway? Do you have savings/investments? If you do, when did you start saving?! I feel like I'm totally lagging behind since I graduated 3 years ago, you know. Haha.

Anyway, if you're curious this is the thread I was talking about. This is a local thread so I don't think most of you will understand it. But if you can, I think, you know, join this forum! They cover a lot of topics and the content and advice members give there has been useful to me for more than one occasion. It's worth browsing then, right?

Anyhow, it's time to say goodbye now! See you all next time! <3


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