Quick Update

It's less than a week before my vacation and exactly a week before my birthday! Check out the paradise island I will be visiting:

Totally beautiful right? (image credit)

I've been thinking of getting eyelash extensions. It kinds eliminates the need for eyeliner and that's quite convenient for me because it's the only make up I often use. Some people I know tried Lavish Lashes. The results are pretty awesome! They looked so pretty with it. Figured I should give it a try too.

Before and After Photoshopped lashes. Cute right?!

So what do you guys think, should I go for it? It will cost about P550 (about $13.25) for the cheapest application. If I will do this, I should do so tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

I also have to finish my portfolio for Uni. Do some shopping for the trip. And do some serious packing!


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