Pamper and Pig-out Day!

Less than a week left before my week-long vacation! Hurray!

As a semi-preparation, I set a date with one of my friends, Kathlyn, at Market! Market!

We decided to meet at 11am. Kath arrived late so we actually met at 11:30. Hahaha. I was so hungry and at that time all I wanted to do was to eat. But, I suddenly remembered that I mentioned to Kath last night that I wanted to go for a full leg-wax today. Before going for lunch, I made an appointment with Lay Bare. Kath already went this Monday but she later went to Mendez Medical Group for an underarm whitening session while I was on my waxing session. Haha. :P

After making a reservation, finally, eating time!

We wanted to go to The Old Spaghetti House for lunch because they have a "Pasta-all-you-can" promo going on today. But as uninformed as we are, the event actually starts at 4pm. Boohoo. I'm soooo hungry now! Where to eat?! We ended up at a fast food chain. lol

Chicken Stick at KFC. Not so bad, I think. ^^

Check out our matching sling bags. So cute!

After lunch time, we went back to Lay Bare and waited a few minutes until one technician is available. It's my first time to have a wax with Lay Bare so I had a lot of questions. Thank you ate Marvi for being patient with me and always asking if it's painful when in fact, I wanted to fall asleep the moment you asked me to lay on my tummy! Food makes me so sleepy. Hohoho.

Some stuff I learned from Marvi:
1. You get a discount if you go to Lay Bare on the month of your birthday!!!
That's right! Just be sure to bring an ID with you (one that has your birthday printed on it) to get a 15% discount plus eyebrow threading! FREE! Sadly, I didn't have an ID with me. Hahaha. Well next time!

2. The wax material they use is made from honey, sugar and calamansi extract.
On my previous waxing sessions with other spas, they would use strips and a heated substance. I think I prefer Lay Bare's method because I feel it is more eco-friendly. Also, I think it stuck better to my leg hair, or it could also be because my technician was meticulous! This is probably the best waxing experience I had!

3.If you visit the shop a certain number of times (spending at least P300 on each visit), you get P100 or P200 off on your total bill.
When I was about to pay, Marvi handed me a card with one sticker on it. I have to bring it every time I visit and have it stamped each time to get a discount in the future. ^^

The full-leg wax took about a little over an hour to finish. It's painful, but it is tolerable. I didn't have to scream during the procedure at all. lol

Entrance, Lay Bare, Market! Market!


I don't know why I took a pic of this. lol

The cubicle is small. And I could hear the conversation from a seemingly older woman (judging from her voice) and her technician in the next cubicle. They were talking about BIKINI WAX! Imagine that! She wasn't screaming though, so it's probably not a bikini wax happening there. lol

Pre-waxing session. My legs are fat!!! >_< Ah, did I ever mention I started taking Fitrum?! I will maybe give a review about it once I finish my first box!

Ate Marvi in action. No photo of her face. I was shy to ask. Haha.

The session ended with threading and application of soothing cream. Very meticulous waxing, indeed. This is my post-waxing, semi-slutty-pose picture. lolol

I really liked the service at Lay Bare so I would probably be coming back to fill my (discount) card. ^^

Kath had to wait outside since her session with Mendez finished earlier than mine. But it was still only a little over 2pm. We went around the mall for a while. Going around the furniture section and imagining our future-houses and interior. Haha. Also went to Serendra and visited the bookstore. Went straight to Travel section. lol We still had time to buy before 4pm (yes, we are so eager about that Pasta-all-you-can thing!). That's P149 and an additional P50 for pizza-all-you-can! Not bad, right?

Also visited this music store. I just thought it's cool to see all these guitars! Wish I can play. Only one pic because the guard said it's SOP. lol

After some more walking, finally, it was 4pm! Eating time (again)!

Don't you just love the ambiance of this place?
Still empty at the time. Who eats pasta at 4pm?! US, obviously. lol

First serving, Alfredo! After this, I had two more servings (Vietnamese and the classic, tomato-based one). Also had about four pizza. lolol PIG-OUT!

Kath, me and our empty plates.
P.S. One of the servers was definitely flirting with Kath! He also took this pic. HAHAHA

Eat-all-you-can policy: No left overs allowed!

More of the restaurant's old-school decors. Vinyl records. One is of Frank Sinatra! I wonder if they still actually play?

Very full and satisfied, obligatory cam-whore pic. Kath just looks so cute in this pic!

Although we were really full, I don't know why we still wanted coffee afterwards. Haha.

I could almost feel my stomach bursting after eating so much. So much for my diet! I felt a little guilty about it so I walked my way home (only took about 10 minutes, actually). Waa! And only four meager days before hitting the beach. Ow! Hey, I skipped dinner too ok. Give me credit. lol


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