Palawan 2 - Underground River Tour

So in this post we start off with 15 pics from outside and inside the cave! Thanks to my new camera, I was able to take some decent shots! My old digicam would not have been sufficient for this.  TIP: If you want to take pics inside the cave be sure to bring a camera with STRONG flash with you or else take a pic of the darkness!!! >.<

Anyways, NEW CAMERA! Yeeeeeeah! I got a new one and I'm like so happy. lolol I've been wanting a PEN since like over a year now. And for my birthday, I finally got it! Too happy. More camwhoring to come then. Hahaha.

Butttt, back to trip details. So, inside the cave is super dark! When you board the boat you would hear some staff/boatmen say "good night" more than a couple of times while entering the cave. Figures. It is pitch black inside. I dropped my hard hat in the boat (luckily) when I looked up the ceiling. I tried (and failed) to look for it... to no avail! Mr. Boatman helped feel it for me. ; 3 ;

One of the people in your boat would have to hold a torchlight. The British sitting in front held it for us. The boatman was offering me the torchlight but no way I wanna take pictures for you guys. lol

You might also feel a bit uncomfortable as there would be some water (HOPEFULLY) or bat pee dripping from the ceiling of the cave. My poor new camera and myself got a bit wet because of this. ; 3 ;

Inside the cave is so fascinating!!! My photos absolutely do not give justice to the magnificent feeling you will experience while inside! The boatman had lots of funny jokes too so that's a plus! If you will go here, please bring some change or small amount of money for tipping! We absolutely had no small money and failed to give a tip for the boatman. So sad because I thought he was so funny and totally deserved it. >_<

The tour lasted only about 2 hours going to and from the wharf. We were only allowed about a kilometer in the cave but it stretches for a little over 8 kilometers (that's a 3-hour boating tour sans boat to and from the wharf).

Sheridan arranged the tour for us and it costed 1,500 pesos per head. If you go and arrange the tour yourself you only have to pay about 750 pesos. It took a little over a month for a confirmation of the tour too!!! TIP: IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO GO TO PALAWAN FOR THE UNDERGROUND RIVER, TRY TO SECURE A TOUR PERMIT AT LEAST A MONTH BEFORE or else you run the risk of not being able to go!

So ok! That's it for this post! If you have any questions in your mind now, feel free to shoot! And oh, Palawan is a must-see place! Don't miss the Underground River ok! See ya! <3


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