Palawan 1 - Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa

So here is the first part of my Palawan posts! Be ready for lots of pictures. Hehe. <3

My boyfriend and I planned for months for this trip! I'm so grateful that even if he is so busy at work he still tries to find time to go on long trips like this for me. I know it must have been so difficult for him to get this holiday and he told me he might needs to work the day after our trip which is a Sunday (same as me lol)! >_< So, if you ever get the chance to read this, thank you so much! I'm so happy to spend my birthday with you. <3<3<3

Anyway, let's proceed with the trip details! Hehe. Last year, we went to Cebu for my birthday. Cebu has an enthralling beach! This year, we went to Palawan, as I have already made so obvious lol. I think it's becoming a tradition for me and my boyfriend to spend my birthday at the beach because next year we will go to Bohol. It's another famous place for beautiful beaches and diving. Haha. Good custom, I think! I totally love the ocean and the beach even if I can't swim. lol

Anyway, the first hotel we stayed at is Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa. They have the longest pool in Palawan at about 340-feet long! Can you swim that stretch?! I'm sure I can't lol

Sheridan Beach Resort infinity pool
Sheridan pool and pool-view rooms. Right at the back is Sabang beach.

Sheridan is about a 5-minute walk from the wharf that serves boats going to the Underground River. We chose it for this reason. The room we had is a mountain-view room. When we got there, I checked the bed and the white linen had an insect on it. >_<

They also provided a torch light if you want to explore the beach or the facilities in the evening. The lights are dim so you might actually need it, but we never used it. There are also some mosquitos... big ones at that! Malaria (a mosquito-borne disease) is endemic in Palawan so it was a little worrisome when my boyfriend started having fever near the end of our stay at Sheridan! o_o But it seems he caught a cold and has sore throat at the moment (which I will be going down with too, I think).

It was like 7pm when we got there. It was a two-hour ride from the city proper of Puerto Princesa and the road was so dark! When we got there, we went exploring the resort for a bit and plunged into the Jacuzzi and slept.

Sheridan Beach Resort mountain view rooms
Our room is the nearest one.

Sheridan Beach Resort buggy
Didn't try this out but I think you can do this for free?

Sheridan Beach Resort buffet
Part of the breakfast buffet. Salad~

Sheridan does not have a private beach. So when you walk along the beach there would be lots of people and small-time resorts along too. I like private beaches. ; 3 ;

When we went swimming/snorkelling it was difficult to find any coral or fish at all. >_< There was only one fish we found and it was the one that kept following me around (like literally, even if I moved so much) presumably because of my greenish bikini skirt and pink frilly floatie. lol

My boyfriend took some pics of it but I will not be posting it as the fish was under my skirt and aside from the fish you will also see my legs. Hahaha.

I couldn't enjoy so much because the waves were pretty strong. Sabang beach was so-so. Nothing so impressive.

The food, however, was something I enjoyed. I went from 39kgs to 42kgs in 6 days. Woot! Need to cut down on food!!!

What I liked BEST about Sheridan, however, is their staff. They are so warm and friendly and will assist you in every way they can! When we were about to leave Sheridan to go to Dos Palmas, they offered to drop us off Sta. Lourdes wharf. Like I said earlier, we were about 2 hours away from the city proper and probably about 1.5 hours away from the wharf. The Sheridan shuttle leaves at 6:30 in the morning and our boat to Dos Palmas leaves at 8am! So there was a risk for us to be late. >_< The staff, however, went into trouble of calling somebody from the wharf to tell them to wait because we were coming! I was so absolutely impressed by this. Thank you, ate. I forgot to ask your name but thank you! Also, instead of 1.5 hours, we got there in about 70 minutes. lol The driver tried his best for us. Thank you too!!! <3

Sheridan Beach Resort - Sabang beach
Sabang beach. See all the boats??/

Sheridan Beach Resort - Sabang beach
Obligatory shadow shot. :P

The next day, we had a tour to the underground river. Before that we checked out the beach of course. On the way to the wharf, we met this cuddly creature!

It's called a bearcat. It's so totally tame and cute! He (?) was rescued from hunters, they said. Take a pic with him and it's 50 pesos! lol

We had to wait a bit for permits and our boat assignment to get to the Underground River so I just absolutely had to take some pics of everything. And then he complained I take pictures too much! Well no! You can't take too many pictures! :P

Wharf to Underground River
The boats by the wharf. So many fishes were visible in this area! I don't know why there were no fishes in front of Sheridan. Hahaha.

So after some waiting (around 10 minutes, I think) we finally got to the boat along with some Australians (I think, judging from their accent). Here are some pics during the boat ride!

St. Paul mountain
He is called the sleeping giant. Check out the very beautiful nose. lol The cave is under this mountain!

On the way to Palawan Underground River
Rock formations. So bright that day!

On the way to Palawan Underground River

Palawan Underground River
And finally, we got there after around 15-minutes!

In the next post, I will share some pics INSIDE the Underground River ok! So you better watch out for it! Until then!

As always, thank you for reading! xoxo


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