How I Got Traffic to My Blog

In the first week of this blog, I tried my best to get the word out and registered for many social networking sites to post a link. The more links going back to this blog, the better, I thought. And surely enough, it is true.

After a week of hard work and posting my blog's link wherever I can, I can now safely say I get at least 40 pages views on my page everyday without "trying." By trying, I mean, posting links on twitter or tumblr or Facebook. I have already previously posted my link on those websites and most of my traffic, even now, come from those websites. Social networking is indeed a big help. But if you have a twitter or Facebook account, you don't really want to spam your followers or friends with links to your blog. That would annoy them. Haha.

I don't exactly plan to be a professional blogger or whatever, but I just want to know people are actually reading my posts. This is what my blog is for, afterall-- to share my thoughts to the world.

I've also been trying to look for blogs to follow/read. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one that I'm interested about. Preferably, I want to follow a fresh, new blog like mine so we can help each other get more readers. So, if you have a blog, please feel free to message me or comment! I would take a look at your blog and decide if I will follow you or not. (*^^*)


On another note, my vacation will come in 11 days!!! Too excited. Hahaha. <3


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