Instant Photo-Editing: CYMERA

Sometimes, photographs are just not as pretty as we want them to be. Or you know, you just want to make some touch-ups to your already pretty picture so it will be prettier.(*^^*) Cymera is one of my favorite apps for that! When I have no time for Photoshop (and I usually don't) I just need to take out my phone/tablet and run this app and I can have a pretty picture in no time! The great thing is, this is available on both Android and iPhone (FOR FREE!) so everyone can enjoy it. ^^

On this blog entry, I will show you some of the cool features of Cymera. <3

Step 1:
Select a picture (duh!)
I took this picture today (with Cymera as well):

Step 2:
You will see a menu on top. Click EDIT > CROP.
I will crop this picture to 16:9.

Step 3:
You can choose from many filters. For this picture, I chose RETRO.

You can see an additional filter called light.
We are not going to use this. :P

The effect of filter SWEET.

Step 4:
Again, I chose "RETRO" from the Filters.
The next step is to add a BOARDER.

AND YOU'RE DONE! Remember to SAVE your changes! Notice how these simple steps made our photograph softer and prettier? <3 But the features of Cymera doesn't end there! These are the steps I would personally do on my photographs, but there is so much more you can do. (*^^*)

On this section, I will show you the other features of the app and maybe we will be trying some. <3

Want a bigger set of eyes? No problem! Cymera can make that happen for you without surgery. Hehe. Just click on BEAUTY > BIG EYES.

Note though that this only works for portraits with the face straight. I couldn't do it with this picture so no demo for it! Sorry. :(

The other features you can see on this screenshot are "SMILE" (yes, if you are frowning on the pic, it will make you smile!!!), "SLIM" (you know what this is for! and "LIQUIFY."

I played with Liquify for a bit.
You can adjust the size of your brush and nudge the parts that you want to be bigger or smaller.
In this image, I made my nose smaller and my chin more sharp.
You can check the changes you made by clicking the A/B button on the upper right portion before "APPLYING" changes. Yes, you can check how much more pretty you became. HAHA.

The "BEAUTY" features you can see on this screenshot are "HAIR," "MAKE-UP," "BRIGHTNESS," "COVER SPOTS," and "MOSAIC."

Next we will play with DECORATE.

Sticker Menu~

Comic Mask menu~

Fancy frame menu~

This can be a pretty useful tool for quick edits. I really like this app although sometimes, it crashes. >_>

Here are some edits to the pic that I did. I mostly like the filters (obviously). You can apply two or more filters at one time to create interesting new filters. <3

So what do you think of Cymera? What photo-editing software for your mobile device do you use? Please share and tell me!

Well, that's it for now. See you on my next post!


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  4. Great tool. The final image is looking better than the raw image. I will definitely try this with my photo


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