Some Updates

Hello all!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who joined my first ever blog contest. To be frank, I had more entries than anticipated. The winner was from the Philippines, my home country. Congratulations again! ^^

I am hoping to host more giveaways in the future. It was a lot of fun!

On another note, I'll be moving to a new house in late April to early May, so I've been doing a lot of packing! I know it seems so early but both me and my boyfriend work full-time, I leave home at 7am get get back home around 8pm, prepare dinner, yada yada yada. There really isn't any time and I didn't want to dedicate weekends to packing.

The reason for the move is threefold.

1. I would like a home closer to the station. It takes me an hour and a half everyday to and from my workplace. ; 3 ;

2. We need bigger space. My Sylvanian Families collection is frankly taking over our 1LDK flat. Haha. When we move, we decided we will have a dedicated hobby room and I can store and display my Sylvanians there! We are looking at a 3LDK flat right now! Big upgrade! ^^

3. We're getting a pet! Originally, we wanted a dog. An American Cocker Spanier, to be specific. But since we are barely home on weekends, we've concluded that it isn't good for an animal social during the day time. That's why we decided to get a rabbit instead. They are mostly active at dusk and dawn, from what I read! Plus, I've also cared for a rabbit before. So I'm familiar with their care. ^^

I can't wait for all these to happen, to be honest! I always like a bit of change!

In the meantime, please enjoy this photograph I took of the Buckleys!

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WINNER ANNOUNCED! Sylvanian Families Fashionable Dining Room Giveaway / シルバニアファミリー おしゃれなダイニングルーム

Jona Wanders Turns ONE this year!

To celebrate 2017, the year my blog as "Jona Wanders" turns one, I'm giving away a Sylvanian Families Fashionable Dining room set. As I am based in Japan, this packaging is also in Japanese. ^^

I've recently been enjoying the world of these little critters and my Sylvanian collection has grown quite a lot since August of 2016 when Istarted with my first house. This set was one of my firsts and  all  the little details are just adorable!

The kitchen in my City House with Lights decorated with the Fashionable Dining Room set.

I won't write so much here. I know you're after the competition! So here it goes!

The following image are official photos. Please note that the figures are not included in the prize!

 Sylvanian Families Fashionable Dining Room Giveaway / シルバニアファミリー おしゃれなダイニングルーム

We officially have a winner! Our winner is entry 33! Action: Visit on instagram. Congratulations! I will contact you via the e-mail address you provided. Thank you for joining everyone! (*^^*)
  •  I'm under 18, can I join?
    •  No problem! But be sure to ASK A PARENT/GUARDIAN before joining because if you win, I will need your address!
  •  Is this open worldwide?
    • YES! As much as possible, I'd like to accommodate everyone! But there may be cases that I can't send the item to you for whatever reason (not allowed in your country, etc.). But those are extreme cases.
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