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Hi guys! I decided to explore a new kind of media... YouTube. I know that this will be a big challenge for me because I'm really very awkward in front of the camera and I sometimes hate the sound of my own voice... ; 3 ; And to get over all of these insecurities, I'd like to give it a go! Hopefully, it works out, too!

I would appreciate all the support form you guys!

Thank you so much. (*^^*)

Here's the video:

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Tokyo Dome Excite Seats!

I'm not really a big fan of baseball... It's not a very popular sport in my country and I honestly can't name one baseball player before I went there  (now I know Shinosuke Abe, at least lol). But nevertheless, it turned out to be a very fun experience!

It was also my first time going inside the Tokyo Dome!

Perhaps it was because I was able to try the Excite Seats in my very first professional baseball game... Hmm...

The view from regular seats.

The view from Excite Seats!

Look just how near we were to the field!!! We were all given baseball gloves and helmets to protect ourselves from incoming balls, and of course for catching stray balls... Not that I'd ever catch one. Ha!

The baseball helmet and gloves are to be left on the seat after the game, but we were all able to keep the Giants t-shirt! :)

Excuse my very unmade-up face. It's sweltering hot in Japan at the moment and wearing make-up is basically useless. TT_TT

I never imagined I'd enjoy a baseball game so much. I really, really wanted to get one of the balls but I'm not very lucky. :(

I hope one day I can experience this again!


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