Apple Orchard Ruruko りんご園のruruko 青りんご


I haven't written in a while. Sorry about that. But this blog is still live! I should probably update it more often but I find it easier to upload videos than write blogs. T_T Have you seen my Youtube channel before? On top of that, I'm usually to excited about new packages to have the time and patience to document anything. HAHAHA.

But here we are today, I managed to restrain myself a bit and take photos of an unboxing. :P

Apple Orchard Ruruko came in two releases. The first one in April 2017. She was dressed in a rose colored gingham dress. I think she sold out very quickly because the same month, Petworks took reservation for a new batch that was released May 2017. Only this time, she was dressed in the same green ginham dress as Ruruko of the Gables (I wrote about Gables here).

I am fairly certain Apple Orchard is based on Snow White. What with her very black hair, deep colored lips and rosy cheeks!

She is a bit hard to come by, but I got lucky when I found her on a flea market app. A couple of days later, I received her.

She has the same simple box that Gables came with, a white cardboard with a photo of the doll on the cover.

 She is secured in plastic molded to accommodate her physique.

She comes with nothing but the clothes on her back and a pair of shoes.

Apple Orchard retailed for 17,280 yen. Same as Gables.

Look at her cute face!!! TT_TT How adorable is this little girl?! I'm in love with her.

Of course, I had to dress back Ruruko of the Gables (who I have been calling Anne, because you know why) back into her gingham dress, to meet her new friend! I've named Apple Orchard "Blanche." Blanche, as some of you may know, is a french word that means "white." She is Snow White, so it's easy to connect the dots. :P

And finally, I redressed her in something cuter. I actually bought this dress for my Blythe doll, Ari. I found that they are able to share some clothes. ^^

So there's that. If you guys want to follow my dolly adventures, please go to my instagram page: @dolliberate!

See you all next time.


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Barbie Collector: Captain Jack Sparrow

I had been on the hunt for this doll for a bit of time, and I finally received him tonight!

Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of Caribbean franchise is a Pink Label doll. It means that he is not a limited-edition doll. He has been quite difficult to find though, and as a result, his price has jumped up quite a bit!

Barbie Collector Captain Jack Sparrow box front
The front of the box/packaging.

Barbie Collector Captain Jack Sparrow box back
And here is the back. You can read a bit about the movie series here.

Here he is, semi-unboxed. Look at that handsome face.

Can we just appreciate the level of detail for this PINK label doll!

He even has this dangling head accessory!

Pink Label, but honestly better than so many higher-tiered dolls now...... ; 3 ;

Jack Sparrow fully out of the box!

And an official promotional image for reference. He doesn't have the ring or the guns, but there are several accessories that they did include.
Not bad, I'd say! It could use some aging and tattering, but for a pink label, I am not complaining.

My main intention of getting Jack is to photograph him with other dolls. Keeping him in his stock clothing would limit that. So I did re-dress him! I do not have a lot of male doll clothes at the moment (as he is my third male doll, and one of them is still a boxed fashionista from my lovely friend, Terra.)

Seriously good-looking despite the lame fashion I have available for him! XDD

Now what should his new name be?

I am overall very satisfied with this doll, which I had bought for $100 including shipping to Japan from Australia. I would say it's not bad... but I can hear some of you screaming at me now for unboxing a hundred-dollar doll. lol But looking at eBay's sold list now (January 2018), the highest he has gone for was $165.99....... and that's without shipping too! On Amazon I am seeing two listings for $224.99 and $515.75. Yeah you read that right! And yes, I am trying to justify my purchase! Hahaha. But seriously, I do not regret getting him at all. So happy to add him to my group of dolls. ^___^

Well then, this is all for now. See you next time! ^^


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Petworks Ruruko

PetWorks, the maker of Ruruko, was originally an e-mail software company, until they developed Momoko to be the office's mascot.

From then, they have created so many dolls! The newer addition being Ruruko, introduced in 2013 as Momoko's sister.

To be honest, I can't see it... Ruruko and Momoko are both 1/6, but if they are supposedly sisters, then I think the scale should correspond... and in this case, though the bodies used for the dolls are balanced, the head size isn't. That doesn't mean Ruruko isn't adorable, though, because she definitely is!!!

Just take a look at some of these photos grabbed from the Ruruko Website.

The first Ruruko. October 2013.

Adorable. I can understand why she became so popular soon! 

My first Ruruko doll was CCSGirl 17SS. I was so eager to get her out of her box that I failed to document. :P But she will be in this blog so you can meet her, too!

Today, however, we will be meeting my second girl, Ruruko of the Gables.

Promotional photo lifted from the PetWorks website.

Here is my CCSGirl 17SS, dressed in Licca-chan clothes, helping me with today's box opening!

And here she is!

Like most PetWorks boxes, this one is simplistic. Almost too simple. I collect other dolls as well, and ones at this price range usually have really fancy boxes.

Now, certainly, I am fascinated with Ruruko--the reason why I bought a second one.

But maybe it's just me... but the price and the item you get just doesn't match compared with other doll companies...

I'm going to go ahead and compare Integrity Toys dolls to Ruruko. They'd retail for around the same. Let's be more concrete and compare an FR Nippon Misaki Doll-Always Me. She costs 20,520. The same cost of one of the newest Ruruko Girls CCSGirl 17AW (Can't compare Ruruko of the Gables because she retailed for cheaper).

Ruruko Stock
The shoes are plastic.

She is in a Pure Neemo Body Full Flection XS (JPY 2,340--This leaves us JPY 18,180 for the head and stock.)


I can not find any pictures of just her stock items... but here are the contents:

[Set Contents]
-Main doll
-Denim jacket
-Doll stand


None of these are plastic. A Misaki・Poppy Parker replacement body costs JPY4,800 which leaves us with JPY15,720 for the head and stock.

And then you can see easily the difference in content and the amount of items you get!

Nevertheless, Ruruko has a very special charm about her. And so here I am, unhappy about her pricing, but still buying anyhow! 😭😭😭

Moving on!
Sorry for the half-dark photo... XD But anyway, here is what we get in this box. She retailed for  JPY17,720 (tax included). I got her for JPY 23,000 as I was late at this Ruruko party and got her from a reseller... XD

Her dress is cute and all, but I wanted to redress her, just like I did with my first Ruruko. I grabbed another Licca-chan clothes set to try on her.

I removed the pearls because it looked so weird on her. The dress also looked weird to me... So I changed her into...

A handmade skirt and shirt. I used the trench coat though, because it is so cute!

Here are more photos of this cute, freckled girl!

I do have a video of the day I got my first Ruruko. I went to Akihabara! If you'd like to see that, please click here:

That is it for now. See you all next time. ^^


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Sylvanian Families Large House with Carport (Lavender)

(Note: The name above is a direct translation of the Japanese name.)

In December 2016, Epoch announced the release of the adult-centered house, similar in mold and form to the Maple Manor, known as カーポートのあるあこがれのお家 in Japanese. The price point was about two times the retail price of Maple Manor (¥12,960).

The difference between the Maple Manor and the Lacender House is mainly the coloring. More detail is also added in the different parts of the house, like the golden paint on the embossed decoration on doors and windows. The roof of each house is also hand painted, so no two houses are the same.

Additionally, the house is shipped with a dedicated set of wallpapers! I scanned mine and you are free to download it here. It’s not the best quality, but the material used in the wallpaper makes it very hard to scan. This should also fit perfectly with the regular-release Maple Manor!

The house was only available to Sylvanian Families Japan Premium Club members and only one unit per member was allowed.

I got mine nearly a year after the release. The price at ¥27,000 was a bit hefty and I didn’t really have a lot of space left in my Sylvanian room. But, upon checking the club shop, and seeing the △ sign (which means the stock is low), I reckoned it’s better to get it than regret not getting it after the price jumps to more than ¥27k! Plus, it was nearly my birthday anyway, and I see no harm in getting myself a little gift. :P

So here is a look at my lavender house! It’s an on-going project so I might change or add some boots here in the future as well. Enjoy! ❤️

Freya is as excited as I am to open this up!


I don't own the Maple Manor, but I think the contents are about the same, looking at this photo:

The only real difference was the coloring. The roofs are said to be hand-painted, but I'm not sure about the rest of the body. To be honest, some of the paint-job on the body is sloppy, there was also a circular mark on one of the exterior walls which I assume is a product defect... And having paid 27,000 yen for it, I was a bit disappointed! :(

The wallpaper included is so gorgeous though! I don't now if the other wallpaper they sell in the online shop is of the same quality, but this one was great.

 It wasn't made of paper, but cardboard. It is also textured and is really nice to touch!

Here is how I've decorated mine so far! How do you like it? ^^


I still don't know how I will decorate the "outside" so I will update this post in the future!


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